Help Save Our School

Here’s 3 ways you can help:

  1. Email Columbus City Schools at and let them know your thoughts
  2. Download, print and mail this letter of support to CCS Facilities Task Force 270 East State St.   Columbus, OH 43215
  3. Call the Office of Customer Relations at 614-365-8888 to share the key points IN BOLD below:

Save Our School - Marion-Franklin High School

Help save Marion-Franklin High School

Help save our school by showing your support for an alternative to Facility Task Force School Recommendation 4:

  • Keep Marion-Franklin High School as a traditional high school, Grades 9-12
  • Convert South High School, which currently serves Grades 7-12, to a traditional Middle School serving Grades 6-8 only
  • Direct feeder patterns to the new South Middle School

Marion-Franklin High School has been a longstanding point of pride for our neighborhood. Based on amenities, the Marion-Franklin building has more to offer to high school students.  There is a football field, practice field, track, and easier access to parking for events and student activities. 

Most importantly, the community where Marion-Franklin High School is located has shown evidence of strong, consistent support for the school as a HIGH SCHOOL.

More points to consider

Click here to download full details on this  Alternative to School Recommendation 4