The Franklin County Board of Elections is excited to announce that we will be at the Marion-Franklin Civic Association Meeting to display our new voting equipment on Tuesday, April 9th at 6:00 p.m. at Marion-Franklin High School Library, 1265 Koebel Rd., Columbus, OH 43207.

Our new hybrid voting system will be used for the first time during the Primary Election on Tuesday, May 7, 2019. The new system allows you to cast a paper ballot by one of two methods: 1) on a touchscreen ballot marker; or 2) a traditional “fill in the oval” paper ballot. After completion of one of these processes, voters will insert their paper ballot in a ballot counting device before leaving the voting location.

New Franklin County Voting System

The Board of Elections will be taking the new voting machines throughout the county to libraries, festivals, community events, as well as government & civic meetings to educate registered voters on how the system works. The most recent voting system served county voters well for over 12 years, but the time has come to replace the aging system. The Board of Elections spent the last two years diligently vetting the latest voting systems on the market. The Board of Elections is excited to roll out our new system to the public.

A Secure Election Is In Your Hands.

Mark, Verify, Vote!

For more information on our new voting machines please visit our website