Students Share Good News

The Marion-Franklin Area Civic Association is excited to partner with the students and faculty of Marion-Franklin High School to share good news and recent accomplishments.  The newsletter is produced entirely by the students with assistance from faculty and staff.  

The initiative began as an idea from Mr. Robert Patterson, the Civic Association President.  He wanted a way to encourage and engage our youth to connect with the surrounding community.  

“South Side PRIDE Each and Every Day! We are so fortunate for this newsletter to be able to share a sample of the amazing things occurring at Marion-Franklin High School. There is nothing that makes a parent or staff member happier than seeing students perform to their full potential. I invite everyone to take a moment to appreciate the wonderful displays of excellence of our students. Go Red Devils!” – Lucas M. Cech, Marion-Franklin High School Principal

Marion-Franklin High School News EditorsThe first issue of the Marion-Franklin High School Newsletter will arrive in neighborhood mailboxes this month.  You can download a digital version here.

The editors of the inaugural issue are Dameka Johnson, Nayelli Ruiz, Arron Anderson, and Stephanie Scarborough.  

Be on the lookout for featured stories from the students throughout the school year on our website.