A Star Among Us!
Mary Green - Southside Resident | Marion-Franklin Area Civic Association
Mrs. Mary Green. She was the oldest girl of 10 siblings and was raised in Telefare County, Barnett Georgia. She dropped out of high school in the 10th grade and at a young age of 17, she married her husband, Robert Green and started a family.  After starting a family, she and her husband was unsuccessfully able to find a decent paying job in Georgia, so they decided to move to Ohio in the 60’s for better job opportunities. Mrs. Green felt that she needed to contribute more to the household (financially), so she got a job as a cook at a dinner for a while, then a better paying job at a printing company. Eventually, the family expanded and she was needed at home. During her time at home she became not only a great mother, but a caretaker, babysitter, taxi driver, prayer warrior and a nurse to her family, friends and neighbors throughout the years. She had many hobbies, such as sewing, gardening, canning, baking (her specialties are great tasting pound cakes and sweet potato pies).

Her singing ability is a great addition to the choir of Southfield Missionary Baptist Church, where she is very active member. Even after all of her wonderful and helpful accomplishments, she still felt there was something missing, her G.E.D. She decided to enroll at the Eastland Career Center to get her GED, but unfortunately she wasn’t able to finish, because she had to go back to work.

She landed a job at Fedex where she got the opportunity to learn all about Hazmat safety and she earned a Hazmat certificate, which led to her promotion as a Hazmat Inspector. She loved being a Hazmat Inspector until she fell ill and had to give up her job. During her time at home, she joined the Marion-Franklin Area Civic Association and became a very active and caring member. She was very instrumental in bringing The Marion-Franklin Opportunity Center to the attention of the Mayor’s Office, the City Council, School Board, the South-Side of Columbus and Channel 10TV where she saw the opportunity to get her GED. After raising her children and doing for others all of her life, she decided was her turn to go after her dream.  She worked hard and attended each and every class and finally, after studying, and doing homework, she received her diploma and became an inspiration to everyone to prove that you never get too old to learn and achieve your goals in life. Marion-Franklin Area Civic Association salutes OUR STAR! Mrs. Mary Green!